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Mental health stories of hope and recovery from people who have been where you are

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Self-care and motivation
School anxiety symptoms
Facing challenges in a new country
Understanding social anxiety
Feelings of isolation
Spring Harmony: Community Networking Walk

Sunday 9 am, April 14
Lake Elizabeth, Fremont

Rcoz Spring Harmony Community Networking Walk on Sunday April 14, 9-11am at Lake Elizabeth, Fremont
Walk with friends to enjoy a beautiful spring day while supporting mental health awareness!

End the walk with a hot coffee/tea and snacks
Join Rcoz for a scenic Spring walk around Lake Elizabeth Fremont
on April 14th. at 9 am
Meet new friends, network, enjoy nature, and get some exercise! Bring family, friends, and colleagues.

Park at Agewell Center, or end of Sailway Dr.
Look for tables with green table covers

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Welcome to Rcoz, an open nonprofit platform that connects the community via short video stories.

Empowering mental health awareness through storytelling​

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“By sharing my story with a wider audience, I feel as though a big burden has been lifted off my shoulders while opening the doors for others and helping them in a positive way. I am amazed at the empathy and understanding I have received after opening up on the Rcoz platform.”
“The sense of satisfaction and new perspective one gets from volunteering at Rcoz cannot be matched by any big tech companies paychecks. The organization's efforts to foster awareness and encourage individuals to speak up about their experiences - whether it be overcoming daunting challenges, coping with loss, or enduring difficult phases in life - are truly admirable.”
“After viewing a video on the Rcoz platform that addresses the challenge of making new friends, I promptly shared it with my nephew who has been struggling to connect with others. My hope is that this resource will inspire and reassure him, demonstrating that he is not alone in experiencing social anxiety.”
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