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Share a story about your journey or interview someone you know.


Are you someone who has overcome a mental health challenge and is willing to share your story? Or do you know someone who has and would like to share their experience? We welcome you to participate and upload a short 2-3 minute Q&A interview to help inspire others.



Record a personal conversation using any device, such as your phone or Zoom, and ensure that you record in landscape mode or pin the video if using Zoom. If the person you’re interviewing is more comfortable with audio, that works too. A guide with sample questions and community guidelines is available to help you prepare for the conversation and recording.

If you’re recording someone else’s story, it’s important to obtain their permission before you start. To ensure that we respect your privacy and well-being, we ask that you fill out a consent form before uploading your video. This form will give us permission to use your recording and verify that you understand the terms and conditions of participation.



Upload your recorded conversation using the form provided on our website, along with a brief description of your content. Our team will carefully review your submission and contact you if any changes need to be made.



Share your video with your loved ones and anyone who might benefit from hearing your story. Our team will take care of the marketing and sharing of the video on our social media platforms, ensuring that your voice is heard by as many people as possible.

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