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Community Guidelines

We welcome you to Rcoz, an open nonprofit platform that connects the community via short video stories.

All members are welcome to post in the community, so long as they abide by our posting guidelines.

Here is what we love to see:

  • Sharing your struggles and challenges
  • Sharing the content with others who need the support
  • Building connections with one another
  • Inviting new members to join
  • Lively, civil discussions
  • Member collaboration on community projects
  • Suggestions about who else could be a potential storyteller, listener, or partner

By joining this site, you agree to treat all community members in a civil manner. Abuse of any kind will result in your community membership being revoked and your being blocked from the site.

In order to provide a great community experience for everyone, we ask that you avoid the following (although this list is not exhaustive):

  • Defamation
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  • Engaging in unsolicited advertising or marketing activities
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We do not moderate all posts on this site. However, as it is an open platform, we reserve the right to move any content at any time. In addition, you understand that the administrators of this site may suspend or ban you from the site at any time, for any reason, without notice.

Please note the Rcoz privacy policy.