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April Updates
Community Walk, Volunteer Spotlight, & Autism Awareness

Spring Harmony: Community Networking Walk

Reflecting on a beautiful morning spent together! Our community walk at Lake Elizabeth, Fremont for mental health awareness was a resounding success, filled with heartfelt conversations and shared experiences. Every step felt like a powerful reminder of the importance of supporting each other’s mental well-being. 

Spring Harmony Community Networking Walk

After the walk, we gathered over coffee for an uplifting chat, where stories were shared, laughter echoed, and bonds were strengthened. Thank you to everyone who joined us in spreading awareness and fostering connection. 

Spring Harmony Community Networking Walk

Let’s continue to walk together on this journey of mental health advocacy and support! Here is a link to contribute to help create awareness and breaking the stigma around mental health conversations .

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National Volunteer Month: Rcoz Volunteer Spotlight Stories

To commemorate National Volunteer Month, Rcoz would like to honor and share some of our star volunteers and their personal journeys. Our volunteers all resonate with the idea of story telling being able to inspire others to share their stories by picking up similarities between experiences. By sharing one’s story, another person can notice similarities and be inspired to seek help to better themselves and those around them. Take a listen to reasons for them joining the Rcoz team in hopes to bring awareness to Rcoz’s mission of storytelling related to mental health.

Harini, a mixed methods researcher & content curator for Rcoz, highlights the importance of addressing one’s mental health whilst creating content to inspire others to share their stories.  She got interested in the mission because of her graduation project related to mental health.  Her role allows for Rcoz to reach larger audiences and hopefully inspire others to seek the help they need, earlier. Her favorite part of working as a volunteer with Rcoz is being able to be a part of a diverse team all trying to push one mission to destigmatize mental health with story sharing.

Anjum, another Rcoz volunteer, contributes her time to Rcoz by creating content & developing strategies to market Rcoz to the community, while keeping the rest of the team accountable. She describes grief as being her precursor to joining the team, and finds solace in reminding others that they are not alone. Despite being surrounded by loving friends and family, Anjum recognizes the feelings of isolation and hopes to reduce it in others by advocating for help when the need arises. She looks forward to when she gets to write content for Rcoz and aspires to see a day where Rcoz has reached a greater audience when it comes to championing storytelling to aid in mental health journeys. She always reminds others that no one is alone in their struggles.

Autism Awareness Day

April was World Autism Awareness month. Fostering understanding for those with autism is important to create a world where acceptance is the norm. To increase awareness, Rcoz met with a caregiver,Zam, who described the signs she saw in her loved one with autism. She emphasized the importance of treating them normally and with care.
Watch Autism Awareness Video

Annual Suicide Awareness Walk

Join us on May 1st at Chabot college for their Annual Suicide Awarness Walk & Resource Fair! As an organization advancing the mission for storytelling surrounding mental health, participation in local events is how we can inspire others to also take a more active role in the community. Be sure to meet us at our table to understand our mission and get to know the Rcoz team!
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