High School Volunteer Program | Submit 2024 Summer applications by June 15

Our Programs

High School Volunteer Program

Helping raise mental health awareness

If you’re a high school student passionate about driving a positive change in your community, we are thrilled to offer a Youth Volunteer Program. It’s an opportunity for you to earn 24+ community service hours and help raise mental health awareness.

Student Ambassador Program - Empowering Minds, Removing Stigma

Are you passionate about mental health awareness and creating positive change within your college/university campus?

A student-driven initiative dedicated to breaking the silence surrounding mental health issues by creating awareness and storytelling. Cultivating a team of empathetic leaders who will champion mental health causes on their campus. Through this unique program, you’ll become a catalyst for positive change, equipped with the knowledge and tools to make a real impact within your college or university community.

Asian-Indian Community program

Unveiling the Strength in Mental Health for the Asian-Indian Community

A program dedicated to breaking down barriers surrounding mental health within the Asian-Indian communities of the San Francisco Bay Area. Together we can reduce the stigma associated with mental illness and foster a supportive environment where individuals feel comfortable seeking help sooner rather than later.

Rcoz Mental Health Fellowship - Empower Change

Are you a dedicated and enthusiastic student passionate about mental health awareness and research? We invite you to seize this incredible opportunity to spearhead change on your campus!

Rcoz Research Fellowship in Mental Health – an immersive program designed for students to conduct comprehensive research under senior members and advisors. Our fellowship is driven by the objective of advancing the knowledge in mental health awareness and offering invaluable opportunities for underserved students to gain these  insights for future research and real-world applications.

And what’s more? You’ll be paid!!

Join us on this meaningful journey to significantly impact mental health while nurturing your research skills. Embrace the chance to be a driving force in transforming how to address mental health awareness challenges.