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A dancing queen who loves to learn new languages so that she can travel around the world.

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hi dear sweetie pie so hi i know you love languages and i want to hear what languages are you here learning these days and why are you learning so many languages How many languages are you learning um like first i'm gonna answer your first question which is how many languages i'm learning so i'm basically learning seven languages and few of them i know but i'm thinking of learning them in future so i know hindi which is my mother done and english french korean japanese chinese indonesian wow and i the second question is that why do i want to learn yeah what will you do so Why languages uh i was basically like thinking what if like uh there's an emergency and i have to go to another country because of my job and everything in future so i was thinking like um if i just learn those languages now and so it would be better in future and i would be able to communicate with the peoples more easily wow they are so impressed what is your favorite language out of all the seven languages Least favorite um is it okay if i tell you my least favorite also the most favorite yes you can i really like um japanese korean and french and english too but [Laughter] but i don't like to write because it's very boring it's boring okay favorite out of the three that you told me what's your top language Other hobbies my top favorite yeah i think it's korean korean nice yeah so i know you like to do a lot of other things besides language and what are your other hobbies and you know what do you want to do when you grow up Future plans i basically want to be a k-pop idol or i want to work with a big gun i mean big company so uh why i wanted to be a k-provider is that i want to show off my talents like i'm really good at dancing but i'm not good at singing so i'm working on singing and you

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