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A mother’s hard work with a son with special needs

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um tell me something that you're really proud and something that you've changed in your life i'm proud of helping my son who was diagnosed with autism when he was two and a half he used to be on this on the spectrum on the high as you know autism is a muslim behavior thing so he had all these signs of autism what kind of sense he was seeing things from the corner we used to do wrong things he used not to listen just goes anyhow okay just runs around doesn't pay attention doesn't know what is going on around him and this is your second child so you knew there was something yes so the doctor sent me to a place and they diagnosed him the recommendation of the east bay but what i did i never treated him as a special kid yeah i did everything like a normal kid i could take him to all places one time he just runs around so i'm like a crazy woman but you have to be consistent and don't treat them like they are sick so he did not know and i didn't but right now he's in 12th grade he has good gpa he's planning on going to college that's fantastic all your hard work all my hard work i think the biggest thing was that you treat him him like a normal like a normal person you got the help he needed but you treated him with it right like a normal person yeah i never saw him as a special child yeah but he really was a special kid i would stop its behavior every time he did not talk until he was do you have any advice for parents who are dealing with special children children with special needs yeah don't treat them be concerned because what is mostly behavior thing yeah don't treat them like they're sick just help them to switch from that side yeah to the normal side because mostly it's like this behavior yeah you can start running around doesn't listen it doesn't pay attention you make them pay attention i used the five minutes sitting in the corner when he does something wrong he i would take like 30 minutes i sweat but i'll use to make him at least go seat for two minutes yeah but it will take me like an hour you put him down your rights but your big consistency you stick to it yes pretty advanced so be consistent stick to it and treat them as a normal as a normal yeah just get the help you need but get get the help you need but not hide them from the world for example they used to tell me oh you didn't talk until like was six yeah so they said okay let's teach him sign language i said nope he's gonna speak he said okay put pictures on the fridge i said no he had three words he knew but i said no sister knows three words he can speak everything wow that's such a great story yes so so i think your children will be very proud that the mom actually made such a big difference if they realized and he didn't know until now that when he was in 11th grade that i told him you were a special kid and i showed him all the paperwork he said whoops he didn't know himself wow until his 11th grade

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