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A volunteer who struggles with his speech disability & the support he got from his mother

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hey romeo how are you today i'm i'm pretty good yeah so we were just talking a little bit before you know i just wanted to ask you a couple of questions if that's okay with you yes yeah so i you know are there any struggles that you've gone through in your life and you know what are those struggles and how have you overcome those okay uh now number one was uh how i speak how i talk people uh teach me why i'm speaking like this yeah um they most people don't understand that i died twice i was very sorry baby for one the doctor gave me the gold meds yeah and second one is i something that i wanted to so uh that happens that's why i speak definitely wow that is really really hard yeah and my thing is um you know the philippines is a third third world country so uh there's no like uh i cannot you cannot so the doctor yeah and way of thinking this the doctor cannot cannot make mistake yeah yeah that's the thing did you get therapy for your speech or what how did you overcome it territory my mom spent a lot of money in here yeah uh i think she paid like to try 10 per hour oh but did it help yes yeah okay yeah and second is uh my learning and how to understand things it takes time for me to understand yeah i think yeah but you're doing okay right i mean you haven't have had the job and you are really yeah yeah 14 years and and what the guys um instead of people you know students like what four or five classes in one semester yeah for me i have to take one one out of four classes at a time and um the only thing heading me back for my getting my a yeah or basically is the english english subject okay there's no way i take it so you were having a hard time uh passing the english class yeah to understand read it it's okay but if you ask me to write it yeah good luck with that yeah yeah yeah i have like um i have a citizen bookkeeping i have no problem because i don't need to write like 10 to 50 pages of paper yeah yeah but i think your attitude is very good in life you like to do things and you're experimenting with new things right and that's what a good thing right yeah now i'm so proud that you're on our team right now on our volunteer team and you're doing a really good job so and other things like what else has helped you uh did you get support from like different people yeah support for my family yeah mostly my mom or push me yeah yeah wow no no i'm so proud of the work that you do for our cause and keep at it i'm so glad you're on the team and you know making a difference that's what matters right yeah thank you so much okay

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“People tease me and wonder why I am speaking this way” Romeo, a volunteer with RCOZ, speaks out about the struggles he is going through in his life and how he is working to overcome them. First, he says, is how I speak and how I talk. He says he was diagnosed with a condition when he was a baby and the doctor prescribed him the wrong medication. Medication that effected his speech “People tease me and wonder why I am speaking this way”. Sometimes living in a third world country medications are not readily available and diagnosis can be nonspecific, he thinks. He continues to find it difficult to understand things and can only take 1-2 classes per semester. However, he has been independent for 14 years and has successfully held positions in bookkeeping and HR. These positions are where he can flourish on speaking and reading English because he finds it a challenge to write in English. To help her son, Romeo, his mother has signed him up with a therapist. He is saying that the therapist appointments are very beneficial. It is wonderful and commendable that someone with a personal ailment has the courage to speak up and speak out about it. To talk about something so personal opens the door to vulnerability. However, the vulnerability may be the thing that helps others feel comfortable opening up and loving all versions of themselves. #rcozus #positivity #shareyourstory #story #joinrcozus #positive #joinourcause #hope #connect #bullying #skills #nonprofit #journey #success #successful #experiment

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