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Achievements and Spirituality, Some things that I am proud about and how I dealt with challenges

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hello samanji how are you today hi i'm fine how are you i'm doing well as well so i just wanted to have a short conversation with you uh tell me some achievement in your life you know something that you're really proud aboutso uh i came to us at my like in my 40s i think i'm really proud of myself achieving my um you know teaching credentials and helping my husband in the business and working in the morning with preschoolers so i feel very very proud of myself in all these 10 years whatever i have achieved today so nowadays i'm working as a center director of a preschool fantastic so you've gone through a lot of your business and teaching and a lot of different things in your life that is fantastic all also i wanted to talk to you a little bit about your spiritual practice i think you are a spiritual person so can you share a little bit about what has helped you in certain challenging situationof course well i i practice nature and buddhism but i would like to talk about spiritualism as my big strength which gives me wisdom and courage to deal with the challenging situations and it it helps you to you know take right decisions at right time and that helps you to overcome the challenges so give me some examples of that so um when i came to us it was a totally new environment new people in my life my husband has two grown-up kids i mean i have two step kids and it it was really really very you know hard time dealing with the uh different situations at home so i just keep myself cool trying to uh think on their perspective yeah you so keep the you know harmony in the family and it was my learning you know time learning about the new you know rules regulations at work and working at home and dealing with you know step kids and you know how did spirituality come in to here comes it i started practicing buddhism at that time but before that as i am a hindu so i was doing my own prayers which you know gives you wisdom again and keeps your mind calm yeah helps you to take the right decisions yeah i think that is the most important thing right like going to a hard time how to become a mind down and i think you're talking like buddhism helped you and you know hinduism helped and i think that's what we need right fantastic thank you so much no problem

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