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Achieving goals aren’t always linear #community #connecting #individual #college, #find the path

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hi nathan how are you doing today i'm doing good yourself i'm doing great so i just wanted to have a brief conversation with you so you are a student at san jose state yes i am so tell us about your journey you know tell me what you're studying and why are you studying this you know what led you to do this major um so originally i was actually supposed to be a criminal law major um but i decided that path wasn't right for me and i switched over to general business um i started at san jose city college and then i went over to evergreen and then san jose state okay yeah it's been a rough journey coming through high school i wasn't the best student and when i first started out in college i wasn't as motivated but over time i realized that this is something that would make my future really bright and it would connect me to many people so i went ahead and just started focusing more on school and stuff and um now i'm doing much better than i was uh four or four years ago yeah um yeah i'm glad you found your path and it's never made to you know go in the right direction yeah life teaches you a lot yeah it does teach you a lot um yeah i think that it taught me uh like it taught me to go through a better route for myself in life yeah yeah well we wish you all the best for your successful career um why don't you share with us also something that you're proud about um i'm the first in my family to go to san jose state which is uh something i'm really proud about that's right um yeah when i first got accepted into the school i told my mom and she was uh really happy for me because she always wanted to go into san jose state but she never was able to to do that um she gave up that opportunity to take care of me and you know get work work really hard and give me a life that you know she believed that i deserved yeah that that's awesome san jose state is a really good school it is the alums do great right like just being here and the opportunities you get i'm really grateful for it so yeah fantastic sounds good all the best for the future thank you

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College student talks about his decisions throughout school. Making his way from a community college to a state school. [email protected] #Rcoz #nonprofit #community #stories #connecting #individual #organization #connect #inspirational #Entrepreneurship

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