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Age is not a barrier to enjoy things you enjoy. Sharing joys of motherhood of her 1st born girl child

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Mom, today on international women's day It's so nice that I'm here in Jaipur with such powerful women you, my mom in law, my sister in law, Diya, so many powerful women so, when talking about powerful women, you are a part of so many clubs Jaipur club, um, ladies club and president radio A couple days ago, you were telling me that you won some prizes in the ladies club uh, I have been a member of ladies club for a very long time and there, whenever there is a function/event, I am a part of it so one time, there was a dance program they said ladies who are in their 50s, come on the floor I danced and they said that whoever dances continuously, they will get the prize in their 50s what happened then? my age was in the 50s, probably 51 or 52, so i danced and everyone liked it I dressed up really nice for the event then they announced all of a sudden Mrs. Kuchhal, you are the best dancer and then I went to get the prize I was really happy So I was interested and whenever there is an event I like to be a part of it. one time there was a really successful cat walk we made the stage just like the original, really nice, there were judges and it was in the evening so the ladies were practicing especially there were young ladies there were young girls, there are quite a lot of younger females so my acquaintance was there, I asked her Can I be a part of this? Of this catwalk? She said 'why not sister in law?' You can be a part of it too So I went there once to practice So everyone was concerned, 'is she going to be a part of it too?' How old were you? 77. And I had my knees replaced I was wearing a really nice saree, I was dressed up really nice It was nighttime When I was doing the catwalk I had only practiced once I had the confidence that I could do it When I did the catwalk, there was another lady my age When I walked and they made the announcement And when I got my prize everyone said "wonderful!" Then the judges said 'look, she's 77 and she's cat walking. And everyone was really happy, they were all looking at each other I felt really happy And I don't remember who the judges were but they were very good ones The cat walk happened in front of (inaudible) And everyone was like 'how did she win the prize?' 72? 77! I was older than that. Interviewer: You were over 75? Yes, I was over 75. So just like this I gained confidence. Even now, I take part in everything No matter what happens I don't stay in stay in the back Everyone know that I will surely be at the front, participating. So, This always feels good. Mom, so tell me, you've had so many moments in your life, right. But tell me about a happy moment, a really happy one share that. I am from UP, the Modi family My wedding was in Jaipur My husband was from a big family, from the Lakshmi motor company, And I came from a family of business. My husband is in the service, chief chief engineer Hanumangard And my wedding was in 1961 and for the first time we went to *inaudible* they welcomed us After that *inaudible* In 1962, I was expecting (a child) After that, I left to my parents place because he (husband) was really busy, he had to go places for transfers So I gave birth to my first daughter So all of a sudden he came to visit her and brought so many dresses toys, and his sister came with him And I felt really happy because I saw him feeling happy when he saw his daughter. In that time period, when daughters were born, there was a negative viewpoint. So yes, he broke a cultural barrier My husband showed respect and gave a lot of love to his daughter And everyday some new dresses Then I stayed there for 3-4 months, then he came to get me. And it felt really nice for him to take care of daughter Projector, photo, he had a liking for photos Every moment he took a photo We named her Beenu And she was a very healthy girl, she stayed really healthy, my daughter. And she received a lot of love from the whole family. This is my very best moment Very good, fantastic. So today on international day of women honoring my mom and my sister ..fantastic.

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