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An educationist journey from special kids to creative teaching and who enjoys being a grandmother.

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hello sapna how are you today very well thank you so i know you've been in the education profession and you've been an educationist for a long long time uh let's hear a little bit about your journey how did you get started and what have you been up to recently you know my journey has been very long uh where i have reached now so my husband was in the government sector and we were posted in very small places i have always been very fond of children but i never thought that i would get into education at any given point of time so once we moved to delhi there was a friend of mine who was into she was teaching and then she said why don't we both start and at that time there were no educational equipment or education leads for children to teach them different manipulatives or any kind of activities so she said why don't we both start a business like that and that kind of appealed me a lot because my kids are small and i thought you know while sitting at home we can create something uh in education so we started doing that and that was really nice because we really enjoyed ourselves then we used to go to schools we used to interact with teachers educationists of all kinds and and we used to tell them how they could use it you know their math equipment their science equipment they were manipulatives for hands-on equipment so that was the first journey into so an entrepreneur in education that was yeah that was kind of an entrepreneurship and that was the first leap into education yes then uh in the process we had uh got posted to washington dc my husband got posted to washington dc and i got an opportunity to teach in a school uh which was for specially add and adhd children for mighty learning disability and that was an insight into class learning class teaching actually and that was a tutor training program so what i was doing was i was one of the tutors while on site teaching children who were uh about seven to eight years old and on a one-to-one basis and i really really enjoyed it that was something i thought that was my passion then that's when you discovered that you really wanted to continue that was i think the first step into teaching in a classroom and then after that i applied to become a class teacher for a regular school not really learning disabled it was an inclusive education this school where all kind of children came in and i was surprised i got a job without having a degree from us and i got a job as a class teacher in one of the preschools and that was i think my first step my first journey into becoming uh in education and getting into teaching and i still kind of have such good memories of those i learned so much while being in that journey so and i believe now you you were a teacher still and now you're doing more of the librarian learning uh it's actually not a library so i joined the british school after coming back to delhi and uh and i have been a class teacher for and it's it's an international school where we are teaching national curriculum of uk so i was in that teaching space and then i love books so then i decided that you know i want to do something where i can do uh literacy through books so then i went into the library space and they started a new program in which we were delivering literacy program you know based on all kind of books so authors author studies uh learning creative expressions learning creative writing so that's what i'm teaching now and i teach small kids from ages four to ages eight and uh i love teaching them i love the responses that i get and i think every day is a high when i'm working with these small kids so really it's okay to say that you've been an educationist but you've been in the creative education space which spans from entrepreneurship to specially able children to regular classrooms to literacy and a lot more that's fantastic absolutely i i like creating my and because i don't like to work with a anything which is kind of a closed approach so i like to create more stuff so i love this fact that i get this ability to create any kind of stuff with whatever books i'm able to find so also i know you are a grandma to very two cute kids how has that journey been and share some learning from it so uh i love kids like i just told you in the beginning and the first time when i became a grandmother my god that was a miracle i remember my first grandchild when i was there to hold her when she came out and it was it was an absolutely joyful moment which i cannot even describe there are no words to describe that moment and i have seen both my grandchildren growing up in our eyes because fortunately they they were living in the us earlier and they moved to india when my second grandchild was just about three months old and now he's two years and the older one is about five and a half years and i've seen them growing i cannot describe the joy the pleasure the happiness that these children give to all of us you know it's it's a really growth journey for all of us to grow as grandparents and i think as a grandparent i realized that i have much more patience probably i did not have so much as a parent and i don't think they can do anything wrong my grandchildren i don't think i need to kind of the best thing about being a grandmother is i don't need to reprimand them i don't need to uh you know make them to understand anything i just have to sort of just love them and give them the best love that i can ever give them uh it's such a joy to have them in the house the whole atmosphere of the house changes and there's just kind of you know it's like it's a it's a fantastic atmosphere when they come i love it i love the fact that i'm a brand great great i'm sure they love you as a granny to thank you so much thank you

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In this video a woman talks about how her passion for education develops overtime. She went from working with educational equipment to working with children and helping with a literacy program. She also describes her feeling about being a grandmother and what that has meant to her. #education, #library, #grandmother, #teaching, #special education

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