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An immigrant mother’s custody journey inspired a book to provide insights on American Family law

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hi sheetal how are you doing today great thank you so i know you come from this varied background i'd love to hear a little bit more about where you are in your life you know how do you reach to this stage talk a little bit about your background i'm a hospitality and restaurant industry specialist always have been in the hospitality and restaurant working and business been a consultant in india worked in london i came to us and life just brought me to a stage where i was a single mom and i wanted to give more time to my son so i just started being a consultant got my own company and started doing events branding and marketing got involved as a media specialist so i was heading a newspaper brand indian express here in the west coast as the bureau in charge got into um having my own company so i decided to explore my inner strength which was branding and marketing and i started doing it for my own company sheetal ori inc as my name was very much respected yeah i decided to launch the company on my name and my brand then i started the silicon valley awards making a difference sva which was bringing people out who have made a difference in some form or way in the community whether as an entrepreneur or an author or non-profits technology so that led me to even keep on going with my radio show which was again branded called making a difference with sheetal ori it's been eight years that i've been doing that radio show currently it's on poly 92.3 fm and i guess i just kept on going you know the journey never stopped i kept on trying to make a difference in my own way i've been working for the last seven years uh with one of the largest franchisee in the country for jack in the box and um denny's i work as a director yeah for the last seven years so my journey as a restaurant and a hotelier never ever stopped and i continue to still have my own business keep on making a difference in my own way so that's really really good right i mean things are related and yet not related right you learn from one experience and taking it to a different level and that's what life is all about right right and i recently heard that you've become a published author let's hear a little bit about that you know talk about your book and what get got you to writing this you know what kind of support did you get from the community and you know i'd love to hear about your book i saw a little bit of promo but let let's hear from you thank you so much well um what led me to re write this book was my own journey while going through a custody battle on my own i just started sitting in those courtrooms going through the the whole process where you waiting for your turn to be called you're seeing so many other parents go through the same issues same old problems of custody issues or custody battles i used to feel very suffocated understanding that if those judges or those attorneys all those mediators are they even understanding what's going on with this family or is it that you know something they have to do and follow protocols of what the court system has given them which is the guidelines the guidelines always said the best interests of the child but in my case i never saw that really happening i always thought that it was more of a a situation where there was an immigration issue or if there was a situation of who is going to be having an attorney on their side who's more aggressive yeah so those kind of things just made me feel that maybe one day i'm going to write about it and so you kept notes i notes are all in my head you ask me a date you ask me a time and i will tell you you have a good memory so that kind of led me to write about this indian mother who's an immigrant and she doesn't have a status and nobody's asking her she's the mom she's the one who is giving birth to the child but the court is ready and willing to listen to a u.s citizen just because the child is a u.s citizen as well but the child has been born out of this mother yeah and she has to go through a lot of hassle similar to something what i've been through but this it's a story it's not about me it's a story and i'm just trying to give some kind of message is out to parents who are fighting custody battles or immigrant parents or people who don't have status or mothers who are left in india or other countries where they can't get back to their children yeah you have to understand the logistics of the immigrations you have to understand the logistics of what's going on in the psyche of that child right custodial battle book of mine is talking about the custodial battle between parents between the court system and also a battle of a child's mind that's what the book is all about i would love to read this perspective that is thank you really amazing i mean you're sharing your personal journey and yet helping others so that's truly making a difference with shita lori right i intend to keep on making a difference because i believe it's it's very important that we all do it especially in this day and age we all need to make a difference to help the community to help the nation and just to move forward and yes i've always had the community support my well-wishers and friends and i'm still counting on that support always that is fantastic i know we didn't talk about it but what is of one or a few things that you are really proud of in your life by being me i never ever faltered in my values and the beliefs i've always had so just being me i'm proud of that that is so true right just being true and honest to yourself correct what else do we want yes fantastic thank you sheetal for your time thank you so much

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A mother going through custody battle herself, sees a need and fills it by writing a book. Author, Writer, Creative Individual “Making a Difference” A hospitality and branding individual who is being true to herself. Talking about her journey, interests and helping the community. A recent author talks about subject of being an immigrant single mom and the court battles for a mother, family and the child. #author, #immigrant child custody, #Sheetalohri.com #www.bolly923fm.com

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