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An international level Judo champion became a barber but transformed life for his children

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Rajesh ji… how are you? I am very good you were a judo/karate champion yes I was and know you are a barber in Jaipur so tell me about the journey how was it? that journey is a very cutting (intense) task even today I was recalling it and couldn't sleep I struggled a lot for 10-15 years I got my position and with a lot of hard work I have attended camp on the district, national level what did you do in judo? in judo I was a inaudible I used to fight in the open category I'm a Rajisthan gold medalist Rajisthan gold medalist? yes inaudible category and open category, I am a gold medalist in both so this is my.. it's the end result of my struggles this is that Interviewer: so how did you become a barber after that? so for barber, I was part of quite a lot of mischief since childhood I participated in sports and went to school properly inaudible after school, on the way home there was a lot of mischief amongst the students my dad did not want someone to come and tell him your child did this (mischief) to avoid this, my dad put me to learn to cut hair from my uncle in his shop whoever came to my uncle left paying him there were no people paying him later money would come in like 500, 1000 rupees meaning it was a good job/business he had quite a name for himself in Jaipur I used to watch this so I kept it in mind that big, reputable doctors used to come (to the barber shop) judges came, SP, DSP so I was positively impacted when I saw all this that this work was good I would not be dependent on anyone, I can work when I wished to this work was sitting in the back of my head in international I went wrong after that I despised judo then I did barbershop work I started at my uncle's shop Interviewer: so for your kids.. when I left judo inaudible I did barber work here and there after I learned 30 years I did it in outer lines so I just had one thing no matter my struggles, I wanted to give everything I could to my children whatever I wore, ripped and torn, I did not let my kids wear I wanted to try to make my kids people with a good reputation my hard work has paid off and today my son is a CA I did my own hard work because of that, my son is a CA today actually he works in the bank now Interviewer: very nice, thank you so much!

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Listen to a fascinating story in Hindi about someone who was at one point of time a rising star in Judo but unfortunately had to become a barber to help his family. He worked hard to get his children out of poverty and made sure they are all well educated.

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