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Beating the odds despite being born with a limb defect in a country that had no place for such kids

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A 17 year old teenager girl born in U.S.S.R. found out that as a newborn baby her government wanted to take her away to slow death because both her hips were dislocated during birth. These babies were put in a basket in a room full of many similar less than perfect babies and left to themselves. They left to scream all day and not taught to walk ,eat or wear clothes etc. At 5 years of age they were moved to another facilities, where they were evaluated by a group of doctors and left to die slowly. The facility had a crematorium and unknown number of kids never made it out of the facility. Her grandmother took on the authorities and raised her despite government hardships. She taught the baby to walk with iron supports, eventually climb up the trees, fight the bullies and to have an attitude 'there is nothing I can't do'. #disability #newborn #teenager #doctors #crematorium # born #government #slow death # babies #nothing I can't do #U.S.S.R. #grandmother #perfect kids

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