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CAN CATS HELP BETTER YOUR MENTAL HEALTH? Overcoming Disabilities and Depression

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hi romeo i appreciate your time at our cause but i've also noticed that a few things are going on with you and i think it's a good idea to talk today [Music] so i noticed that you know you are fighting through some challenges you have some learning disability right and some mental disability as well you want to talk about what is going on like what kind of disability are you facing What is your disability yeah um first my disability is is my learning disability it's hard for me to nothing no things uh if you give me the book i understand but if you ask me to put in like on the test or a paper it's hard for me to do that that's the one thing yeah and for my mental meta issue is having depression for couple years now but the worst one was during the winter time or the when our wet weather is cold yeah it was it is getting bad so um some days like one or two or three days i'm at the bed the whole time i don't want to get up you don't want to get out of the bed bed or do nothing i like to stay at the bed yeah yeah that's hard How do you motivate yourself and then how do you motivate yourself to come out um you should see me like two years doing the coverage nighting at the heartbreak a high peak yeah i stayed at the house the whole time yeah it was bad yeah but after two years uh one day at the night time i was calling out a garbage yeah a cat just coming to the house uh i take care of the cat after that my depression went away lit a lot since i'm the cat coming my into my life how is it to make friends i mean is it How is it to make friends been a challenge or you um this is all saying uh when you're around you can make friends uh from your early age like from five to 18 you make friends a lot but when you reach like 30 or up it's hard to make your friends because people are busy with life either they work or they have family or work and family there's no time for people outside i lost my job but they offered me a job uh the same company but different uh different occasions in hayward but i said that's too far for me it's time to for me to move on yeah yeah Does volunteering help but i noticed that um you are working a lot on our course things right you are very good with doing things does working for volunteering for our course help you yes um it helped me a lot i want is i reach out to peep other people by zoom call them or go to the store or the in the office to get some information yeah for our non-profit so it keeps Does it give you purpose oh good it keeps you busy does it give you purpose also to get up and go and talk to people attend the meetings right it gives you a purpose to do things correct yes but um some days i cannot because due to family [Music] matters like i bring my sister to her work yeah i pick her up anytime so it's hard for me to go outside that much and i thought i'm taking care of my mom yeah she's uh she's uh 69 and she just had a surgery for her gus her cancer we just found out she had a cancer in the stomach oh no oh no yeah now good thing is the other doctor says is stage one yeah he said good thing is we got it stage one and we can remove early yeah then later [Music] yeah you

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