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Defining Success for Yourself

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okay uh hi orwee this is cheetah how are you doing today i'm good how are you doing yeah i'm doing good too thank you and i'm very happy to have you here and i have a i wanted to uh discuss with you like you know in our adult life all of us aim to be successful in some way or the other some somebody might want to be a movie star or somebody is an academic so in your life what is your definition of success What is success you know she thought that's a great question i think depending on how you've been raised and what you know what are your inner inner kind of motivations success this can be defined very differently uh coming from a corporate world i know that success was defined by basically your you know how much how much salary and wealth can you generate and what's your title and i worked in the corporate environment for 20 years and i realized that i was chasing success in a way that wasn't aligned with who i was today i consider myself very very successful not because i'm wealthy and not because i have a title but because i'm emotionally wealthy and i'm mentally wealthy and what i mean by that emotional wealth and mental wealth is that once i moved away from trying once i moved away from a traditional definition of title and salary as success and figured out what i wanted and who i was i realized that i became a stronger person by having the right people in my life and emotionally wealthy means that no matter what i go through what challenges i go through in life i know that i have people that care and love me and that they're never gonna go away wealth can actually come and go uh but these people the only way they would go away is you know if i really became that person nobody wanted to be around you know and i would hope and that i could never became that person um but you know that emotional wealth really doesn't go away and they accept me for who i am and i accept them for who they are which is why they're in my life you know i have a partner and has two kids but i have this life family this extended what i call life family they're not my best friends other people could label them as best friends but to me they're more like family because i have had you know i've gone through life with them in different ways they've been there through the up and downs i've argued with some of them and they're still around you know we do that with family right we can have arguments and you know they don't go away in our life and then mentally i went through a self-awareness journey which allowed me to understand myself more and when i started understanding myself more it gave me more ways to communicate with people it gave me more ability to understand what are my strengths what can i use to become successful if that makes sense and eventually you know the financial wealth comes with all of that and so you know i've gone up and down and building and using my wealth for different things and at the end of the day i don't think i will ever measure myself by the financial wealth but always by my emotional and mental wealth okay very very nicely said you know because i also feel when wherever there is love money follows and exactly yeah and then this untraditional way of looking at successes really you know elevating and anybody could pick up whatever you're sharing and turn their life around and to have a really meaningful life with their loved ones friends and family basically right yeah well and especially i'm hoping that in the last year it's become even more um more people have realized that how important that is you know because people have had to spend time with family and to me i've got i've received so much joy in the last year with my partner and the kids being in the house and spending that time with them and being able to have lunch every day and you know the moments that we spend together are part of my life you know um and i i enjoy it and i and actually learn quite a bit from these three people in my life too um it helps me continue to grow um and be happier in general so i i would see no reason why i shouldn't enjoy that part of it absolutely yeah and as you pointed out rightly you know these kobe times people are stuck in small houses uh but you know at the same time on the other hand you could spend creating spend time creating wonderful memories with your family what you're doing right yep yeah hello uh will we so i Selfawareness uh remember you're mentioning your self-awareness journey and how it provided you all the solutions you were looking for in life uh please share more on this topic with us absolutely so i believe personally that self-awareness is is the key to solving lots of challenges we i think as humans we forget how complex each of us individually are and if we forget how complex we are we forget how complex everybody around us is you know we have our own ways of thinking our own ways of working our own ways of making decisions of communicating and when you start breaking all that apart you know we we forget that we make a lot of assumptions on other people because we expect them to be like us you know but the fact of the matter is we're not like each other yes there's some commonalities and things but everybody's experiences how they have been brought up how their brain is wired all of that makes us very unique and i will say that through the self-awareness journey i have my own journey has become much more fulfilled because i'm aware of who i am and therefore make decisions in my life based on that but i'm also able to get other people to become aware of who they are and work with them so that it creates let's say less dissonance in relationships less tension in relationships it creates better solutions um and so that self-awareness journey i'd been on it for a while but i would say that around 33 um i had a very big kind of shift in my life um i was going up the corporate ladder great from a professional perspective however i got divorced for a second time and nobody wants to do that by the time they're 33 and i had this aha moment where i'm i'm just going to focus on me and i'm going to move forward in my life based on learning about myself and then making decisions based on that and so i went on this journey i learned more about myself i realized why i was so unfulfilled in the corporate environment i realized what my strengths were and sort of focusing on those and then looking for roles based on my strengths which eventually has led me to now being my own startup founder and having my own coaching business um which eventually helped me find my now life partner and his two kids because i was self-aware i was able to express to him who i was for us to be able to say is this the right partnership same thing with my business partner we were able to express who we were to be able to see oh there are certain mindsets that are very similar but yet we bring totally different skill sets to the table and oh by the way do our personalities match right can we actually work together to build something these are things that at the end of the day when i wake up every day i'm engaged with life i'm engaged with life because i have the right people in my life i have the right people in my life because i know myself and i've been able to articulate who i am to them which allows them to accept me for who i am not who they are and i think that's really critical in day-to-day life whether it's day-to-day life and relationships whether it's work whether it's social relationships knowing more about ourselves helps us know when things don't work and when things work and then being able to focus on the things that actually work Conclusion okay yeah this has been amazing listening to you because this is like a life mantra you can lead your life by and what happens is i also feel at times you know i am sending mixed signal to the universe you know i want something and i don't want it also so i am not aware of who i am and as a result i don't get anything i think oh i deserve so much better but why things are not happening because i'm not self-aware so yeah i feel inspired to do my self-journey first in order to find the right kind of people in my life and have a successful life in in the terms you define success emotional success and one tip that i can give is that the self-awareness journey can be as simple as looking through a couple of different things one defining values you know define five values that matter to you right here right now and know that those values could change depending on the time of your life but overall those values won't change drastically like you won't go from five certain values today to five different values in five years right they might tweak a little bit some words may change but values um being able to take personality tests not because that's exactly who you are but it gives you a starting point to say oh this is who i am this is who i'm not because just because a personality test gives you a result doesn't mean you're exactly that it just is giving you words to say oh this is how i can articulate myself to others right you don't have to say oh i'm this this this and a personality all you have to do is use the actual words and then also looking into cognitive thinking styles and what i mean by that is you know how do you process information you know do you do you process data differently than processing conversations right where do you really enjoy um you know spending your brain space is it in conversation or is it being an introvert right so just thinking about your cognitive styles a little bit and understanding that a little bit more adding in the personality words and having your values is a great start to going on that journey thank you and this is mind-blowing actually because practical tips you know how to go on a self-awareness journey yes nothing could be better out of this conversation which we did just and on behalf of any listeners who are going to listen to this you know our conversation i want to thank you for practical tips so much ruby thank you shito for having me i appreciate it yeah same here wonderful to connect with you thank you

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Listen to this woman define success for herself and explain her transition from thinking of salary and wealth as success to redefining success as emotional and mental strength. She also talks about how she has used the pandemic to spend time with her family and becoming more self-aware. #success, #mental strength, #self-aware, #transition

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