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Entrepreneur who showcases talented people as a hobby #Entrepreneur #father #uprooting his life

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hi dmitry how are you i'm fine thank you so i saw that you were recording somebody and you have an interesting company do you want to tell a little bit about your company and what you're doing what kind of videos are you making uh actually we just recorded videos programmers from kazakhstan and some other people from different countries from eastern europe i have a kind of side hustle for me and my hobby i'm running a youtube channel where i'm recording a video uh i taking interviews from famous entrepreneurs from people who run their business who invested their time in doing something in business so that's what i'm doing but i'm owner of several educational companies in in us and in uh in ukraine i'm originally from ukraine Life story nice so i heard you have a really interesting life story your life journey do you want to share something about that uh i don't know whether interesting or not but we so i have a pretty big companies about 200 people in ukraine and we in 2016 we just decided that it's time to make changes so we we just moved to united states and we moved to austin to texas i really like this state the swipe and freedom of this state so uh yes we we we believe we left something in uh like a luxury life in ukraine and moved there with three kids uh to to start a new story yeah that's my Advice journey tell me um do you have any uh advice for your three children you know for the future what would you like to tell them it's really hard question i think the only one advice i can give someone just to love your children and to invest your time that's like as a father of three children i know that's only one advice that works because if you just want to improve them or to make them your children like you it's a it's a fault way you just have to love them invest your time explain them and give example a personal example yeah that's it great thank you

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