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Faith anchored this mom during a crucial time #SG #mother #faith #children

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so untrue tell me what is one thing that has helped you when you were having a really bad time in life okay i think uh for me is definitely faith so i practice buddhism and i started it at the most crucial moment in my life when i was going to lose my father when he was very sick and that happened 20 years ago but i have clung on to it because it's been a huge anchor in my life and i've gone through lots of ups and downs and every time faith has come through for me faith essentially means faith in the power of the universe that the universe does not want you to be unhappy that no matter what you're going through you know there is light at the end of the tunnel and uh we'll be fine so essentially just that faith so power of universe power of the universe the power of the universe which actually you know in in hinduism we are told that the universe is the paramatma and we are the atma which means we are the drop of the ocean so the power that recite in the universe actually reside within us and so that kind of believes that kind of a faith that kind of an understanding of my own life really really helped pull me through and it's ongoing obviously you know because problems never end so it's ongoing and uh it always always pulls me out of it and i think i come back stronger each time i i go down so when my my down is not no longer so low in any case but when i am pulled out i am that much more stronger than i was the last time i went through a down and i got pulled out so each time it's a little bit better and i'm stronger so tell me you have two children what do you think your children will describe their mother when they have their own children how do you think they would as as things are now or things are in future what do you think how will it go i think generally i'm a happy person i can be crabby most of the time but i hope that my children remember me as a happy [Music] nice slash badass kind of a mom uh so i don't want i have no i have no desire in my children remembering me as a goody two-shoes mom i want them to think of me as this nut case but a happy and a good human being so i think yeah that's what i would want my children to remember me as happy uh good person and also nutty and crazy great thanks so much

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