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Intro hi karis great to meet you today hi i you look super fashionable so we should definitely talk about fashion today and uh you know as a young teenager i know clothes are super important for you um why are clothes so important for teenager you know why why are you i will just talk about you because we're talking to you so why are clothes so important for a young person uh does it motivate you to get affirmations from other does it give you your con boost in confidence or you know or it's just like following some trends give me your opinion on that well i know most teenagers Why do teenagers care about fashion at least care about fashion at least a little bit they like to dress up on special occasions and stuff um i'd say a part of it is definitely the validation of your peers like wearing something trendy wearing something cute you get a few compliments in the day you feel better about yourself um but i think personally for me it did start off that way wanted to get validation from my peers but slowly it became like an outfit an outlet for my own like self-expression if i felt more down one day maybe i'd wear something more bright and peppy to like bring up my own spirits if i wanted to seem confident an interview i wear something super professional so i could almost embody what i think some like the person the confident person i wanted to be like what they would wear yeah yeah great great so basically you're saying that through your clothes you are telling the person about your moods and also trying to almost like sometimes show the confidence that you know you want others to think that you have maybe you already do but you also want them to believe in you right correct am i correct oh yeah i definitely agree with that okay great great um also like uh how can you say that fashion can be used as a way of self-expression How teenagers brains work well i definitely think so for me i was saying about like maybe bold colors if you're feeling boldy but bright colors you want a more feminine look you wear floral colors and i think it's a way where you don't have to change your own body or your own self but it's like a small way like for you to dress the way that you feel on the inside or you want other people to think you feel yeah so are you dressing up more for yourself or for others i mean do you even remember other people's clothing more than yours like what is how do teenagers brains really work right now for clothing and fashion well i would say that i like to think that i dress up more for myself but i know there is a part of it where it's like if i wasn't going to go out with a bunch of people i wouldn't dress up as nice but yeah i think part of it is the validation of other people but like you just mentioned um yeah i don't usually remember what other people wear i don't think i can even remember what no i don't think so so i guess it's more people are kind of self-conscious of what other people might think of them when in reality no one really cares that much yeah i think i think that's so true and i think as we grow up we start realizing that we all are very inwardly focused right we want to dress up as the trends but we're really dressing up for our own self and we really don't care what others are watching or retaining in the mind right so charis how can fashion be used as a way of self expression well i think it's pretty great um Gender expression especially with gender expression because it allows you to mix feminine and masculine elements and make your own kind of thing for example maybe a girl wants to wear more masculine clothes she can wear like a dad shirt or a guy wants more feminine clothes he can wear a skirt in fact um there have been like way more guys at my school actually wearing nail polish and people don't even bat an eye at it anymore um but not only that i think it's pretty cool because non-binary people also get the chance to maybe wear androidize clothes so not leaning towards masculine or feminine and i think fashion is a great way of just expressing yourself that way yeah yeah yeah i think getting accepted when more and peop more and more people start doing the same thing like you said right the example of the boys wearing nail polish right i think it's really great that you know kids are accepting that yeah and trends are changing because people are becoming pretty tolerant about self-expression great thank you yeah so i know you wrote a recent article about dopamine dressing tell me a little bit about what you learned from it dopamine dressing Dopamine dressing well i thought it was pretty interesting it's like coming up with clothes you want to wear like by reaching into like memories from your childhood and like stuff like that i thought that was pretty interesting because it really is not going with the trends at all it's going with like like your own like deepest core memories and stuff like that i'm not sure if i would dress like that but i think it's a pretty interesting concept yeah and another thing is like you know even if you um are wanting to buy some clothes just dress up in a certain way how long does that high last right like how long does the uh excitement about the clothes last once you buy it i think that's a great question i think it also ties into fast fashion and micro trend which are like really short trends that like get all over the internet and everybody wants it and then a month later it's like not cool anymore yeah people want to fit in they want to go with the trends they'll buy this these clothes that aren't going to be like that they know maybe it's like an insane color but everybody else is wearing it so they want to wear it but the thing is can you wear that like later down the line that's why when i'm getting close i try and buy stuff that i know i can wear even when it's not trendy anymore but yeah okay so you're you are i would say an environmentally conscious person i try to be i try to be i try to thrift instead of just buying from outlets and stuff yeah nice nice well i'm glad we talked about this fashion with teenagers because that is a really important aspect right for teenagers even for the mental wellness i would say right so thank you so much karis for spending time with us all right

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