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Goofy mom is a reason to smile & brighter her life. Rewards of being a caregiver for a young nephew.

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hi kelly how are you today i'm great how are you i'm doing good i love your smile thank you ever present i have a present and you just brighten up the whole room so i would love to know the reason of your smile you know why why are you so positive and happy all the time every time we talk i think it's because i have a yeah i think it's because i have a goofy mom she is like she is and not she was she is she's so fun and always pushing us to find a silver lining or it's very i think it's really easy to get maybe bogged down by the day-to-day but there is so much good and newsworthy things may be upsetting or like if it bleeds it leads but also there's a million good things that happen every day so i think i'm so happy i've got a lot to be happy about i think we all do yeah fantastic you know i think goofy moms are really good to have i'm wondering yeah i'm happy i have a goofy mom forced me to look at the bright side fantastic and i know you were a student you graduated from the ohio state and what are you up to these days what have you been doing so um i graduated from ohio state in may of 2020 so i mean into this very uncertain world that all of us were facing last year in may um now i'm one year out i don't know if it seems really any more certain but i was very much faced with this idea of graduating into a pandemic and so i was fortunate enough to find an opportunity to be my nephew's nanny like a caretaker for my baby nephew he was um nine weeks old when i moved here and he's now almost 14 months old he'll be 14 months old tomorrow which is incredible to do that right and um i just never expected myself to be in this position i never expected to work in child care i never expected to i mean i moved from columbus to new orleans i had never lived out of ohio before but i feel like this has been so rewarding for me and has given me a brand new perspective on myself and what i'm capable of and my ability to adapt to my surroundings and like he is ever changing he's little and he's learning all the time and so i feel like i'm so ever changing and learning all the time and it's just been incredibly rewarding wow that's amazing that's amazing so thank you so much for your time and of course keep smiling always all right well all right

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Kelly a 2020 graduate of The Ohio State University always seems to be in a good mood. Her smile is ever present. She attributes this to her “goofy mom” who has taught her to look at the bright side and seek the silver lining of things. Because of the work situation during the pandemic she found herself in New Orleans taking care of her baby nephew as a nanny. She never expected to be in this position. She had never lived outside of Ohio and look at where the pandemic had brought her. With the mindset her mother cultivated in her she is able to take on unpredictable things on a whim and with a smile on her face. She looks at it as a hurdle to overcome rather than a problem that she has to solve. And it is with this mindset that she successfully takes on what life throws her way. This ability to have a positive mindset is a challenge for many people. Hearing stories of people who are able to easily and successfully do this is motivating and powerful. It is with hope that these stories provide the support needed for others to feel comfortable enough to take the leap.
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