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hey chitwan how are you so i heard your uh healer in a way right you like treat people in an alternative way yeah what got you started in the journey and what do you do you want to share something about that yeah so what i really do is um i i'm more like a coach a health coach with people and help guide them on you know various things that i have learned so what got me interest was well i've always been interested in alternative health and wellness my grandfather used to be a homeopath when he retired and so it's always been in me and i think when my children were born and they started getting little coughs and colds that's when i started delving deeper into essential oils aromatherapy and natural modalities so it's really my children that got me on this journey and so they've been like healthy well they i mean they weren't initially uh my you know first one wasn't and so that's what actually got me interested in how to uh do things naturally and alternatively with essential oils natural remedies so yeah that's what that's fantastic so you know you're talking about so many different things right that people normally don't use do you have any experience with somebody who's used these techniques and has benefited and how have you know what has happened yeah since i'm on this wellness journey i have so many stories i cannot even start to like tell you you know i could probably speak for hours but um yeah like like two things pop into my head right away and one is actually a child right here in the bay area who was non-verbal he was on the autism spectrum and um he didn't have any speech and they had borrowed this health device that i have and they used it for a few months and after three or four months this child the parents were actually talking about making summer plans on where they wanted to go and suddenly this boy who had never spoken ever six years old told his parents i want to go to the beach and i think that was the first time that was the first time he ever spoke and that was so exciting and like that there have been a lot of families in india in the bay area so this is that device called beamer yes yes tell me a little bit about that yeah so it's a it's a it's a map that produces electromagnetic waves and the waves come through um the body and they basically charge every single cell in our body and when they charge the cells the electrons of the body that helps the body to produce more energy or what's also called atp adenosine triphosphate the mitochondria and the cells work much faster and as a result the body has energy to heal itself so i found out about this 13 years ago and it was again for my own family my my son needed to use it and it made a dramatic difference for him and i started sharing it with other parents so the person you're talking about the child who learned to talk was it only through this or was it yeah yeah combination or different only this because the parents had been doing all the various techniques for years and this was the only difference that was made and just like him over here there's the same there's a girl in delhi same thing she's around eight nine years old lives in noida and she was totally non-verbal her father's a medical doctor in fact he's a professor at one of the medical colleges in delhi and she he tried everything for her homeopathy ayurveda and of course mainstream she was non-verbal and after three weeks of using the device she also became verbal so every time i hear those stories they just give me such a boost and i i just feel so good that i'm making a difference yeah and i just heard you talking about ghee right yes the benefits of drinking ghee that helps you with lubrication and you know in your system yeah fantastic i'd love to learn more thanks so much thank you

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