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Hopes of becoming a successful computer engineer

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so jose how are you doing today i'm really good how are you i'm good so i actually wanted to find out you were working at a restaurant when you started this internship uh how was your experience working with with your customers what kind of work were you doing for them uh so when i started working at a restaurant that was my first job and i started actually washing dishes which was super fun but uh yeah i learned a lot from that kind of it humbled me a lot going from just being a full-time student to being a full-time dishwasher and kind of back of house worker and so i learned a lot from my co-workers i learned how to work really hard and then when i got moved to front of house like as a waiter that's when i really interact with people yeah and that was really good for me i got to grow like my social skills a lot i used to be a very closeted person wow so i guess moving from being a dishwasher to a restaurant to server really helped you open up your personality right yeah that is awesome that is awesome so uh i asked this to nilan also so being a student and a young professional coming into this you know world what do you think how would your friends do you think would describe you as um Describe yourself i hope my friends would describe me as a really nice and thoughtful person i'm very conscientious about um what i do and and how what i do affects my friends and i'd like to learn from my friends um i do i surround myself with people that i admire so i like to think that you know they kind of do the same thing and they put me in their lives because they find something in me that they think they can learn from oh good so you're always looking to grow and learn from people around you yeah that's right okay and um so you're going to become a student of computer science at long beach and where do you see taking this profession in the next 10 years what do you what What would your idol job be would your idol job be ideally it's hard to say because there's just so many um luckily i found myself just enjoying the software and then kind of the grinding part of it so much that i think i'd fit in in a lot of places i think though like my fantasy is to kind of run my own little business with very few employees um but yeah i don't mind where i work or what i work on whether it's video games or cyber security or just back end at a bank company or something i just like writing software they want to work in the high-tech industry yeah yeah and how do you plan to give back to the society once you're a successful professional Once youre a successful professional well that's a good question um so that's something i think about all the time about it first of all yeah i think about it all the time how i can give back it's not always an easy question because it's just so hard to um it's hard enough to like take care of my own things you once you start making enough money right that's when we can talk about like giving back in kind right Giving back right but still i don't think that's i don't think there's ever an excuse not to give back i think it's very important to um to push yourself to give back to your community as much as you can even when it's hard yeah that's why i like our cause a lot i really like bios that i've seen kindness helps right yeah right yeah but you know at that level i just try to leave a positive impression with everyone i meet um every interaction i have i try to just leave someone feeling a bit better than they did before the interaction i guess i'm glad i'm glad our course could help you see the side of giving also right i mean it's a small act of what we're trying to do here and if you make an impact that'll be so wonderful to the world thank you for all your hard work and i hope you enjoyed working with arcos and you got to learn some new skills thank you i did yeah great thank you so much

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