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How a new hobby of books has transformed a daughter’s life who shares a special bond with her mother

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hey shidel how are you today uh hey rupali i'm good how about you i'm doing great i love your long earrings thank you appreciate it so let's uh get started with you now so you know we had talked a little bit um you have a lot of important people in your life but let's talk about one important person who is your most go-to person okay that's a lovely question um so as you said i have many important people in my life and my boys are important to me and my friends one of them is you and my mom so my mom is somebody uh that you know i have no no i can't hold back anything from her um sometimes you know even it happened to me that you know one week she decided to be offline in sense nobody could reach out to her own phone or message or whatsapp and then you know i felt so suddenly like you know i felt oh i'm i'm alone like you know and and then whatever i'm doing in kitchen or outside everything i'm thinking okay what will mom say what will mom say so these things i used to kind of you know listen to in the on media like people talking to their parents or whatever but then in spirit like i'm so alone with her and she loves me a lot of course mother's love but then if i'm sick she will just come running like no no stop nobody's stopping her she's she'll just be over here taking care of me and same goes for me i'll go running to her like you know when three kobe days she will i'll call her and she'll say i'm not doing good and and my everything you know my all my fuses blow i go running from office to her and then i'd give her a massage press her feet legs whatever makes her feel good and then i'll be back so she's my guru person for everything i can talk to her about any anything i have on my mind um so that's the most amazing relationship for me my mom wow you were also telling me about how she got you to you know do certain things that you were not comfortable right like do you oh you told me a little story about the dishes and everything yeah yeah that also happened yeah so she she's my inspiration yeah so i must tell you that you know she is a very inspiring person because of the personality she has she's enthusiastic like a baby she's 82 years old but she's just a baby and she never gets tired uh and she will she's a homemaker so when she was living with me and i wouldn't do dishes regularly and sometimes in the morning there will be dishes uh in the sink and so she reminded me a couple of times and finally she gave me a warning if you don't do it every day then i'm gonna leave the house and go live with your sister and then from that point onwards i i got that like there's no escaping and i have to be more enriching routine so that was a funny incident of course uh but yeah she's an amazing person and if she goes with me to do anything any chore we think of she's never tired whether it's 10 p.m or 11 p.m and she'll say okay let's go to the next place let's get it done like amazing so i so many times i think you know if i want a like partner i want these qualities what my mom has to be in my partner yeah and i think you also have the similar sort of quality you just keep going on like a little bunny thank you for saying that that's fantastic also you were saying that you started a new hobby recently right let's hear a little bit more about that absolutely yeah so this hobby is something uh got started by one of my friends i met normally she was my colleague in one job then she moved to next i joined her in the next job then in the next job also she went and we have been like you know in the three previous jobs together and one day we met um just for tea and coffee and she she's talking about audible and then i checked with her what is olive oil so she told me it's like you can listen to the books there's a subscription so i got started in audible i listened to elon musk's biography by actually ashley vance and that was amazing and elon musk read a book which influenced his childhood and that was benjamin franklin so i then went on to benjamin franklin sorry okay and that was a long book 40 hours book and i thought you know i know better i can't do it right and then i used to try to work and pack so i kept once i hooked god hooked on to the book so it was like i'm watching a video like you know you start listening and you uh so audible's great quality is i could spend you know being a single mom taking care of household working i don't have extra time to sit down and read a book so that really helped me in a big way and another thing that happened is because i was listening to it my concentration span increased i then you know i put once i got started i will listen everything there will be video you know out of it and then also my vocabulary improved i uh because you know reading is something but listening is another thing how they pronounce it and it has been so much a great addition to me so audible i ended up listening to i don't know how many books and then now by now what i do is i listen to audible i have kindle books then i have hard copy books and i have become a pro in the sense avid reader avid book lover and also you know i i choose i pick and choose i think you know okay this book is going to be put on kindle because there's a book by joel spencer which talks about breaking the habit of being yourself so it's very scientific and at the same time spiritual so this has loaded a lot of data so i can't have it on just audible so i have a kindle copy because on kindle you can sketch also so the benefits are different audible is like you know you can just consume it like you know walking uh go for a one-hour walk listen to it right driving you can listen to it but kindle is something you can search also and you can read it you can carry it with on your phone blah blah blah and then hard copy is something you know just if you fall in love with a book like you know now i have this book the promised land by obama yeah and this book is so amazing in a sense obama is such a great writer he's such a great thinker human being everything so this book is like by looking at it i get a pleasure and i'm reading it right now i finished like half of it probably but that that is the kind of book you want to keep a hard copy but you know something yeah so i am actually also a reader and i am going to share an article i just read in wall street journal about the new habits of reading it was amazing it was by elizabeth brian steinstein let me send it to you after the talk and thank you so much sheetal i am so inspired i'm going to go pick up my book as well i appreciate your sharing this article i look forward to reading that thank you thank you thanks

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A daughter takes about her mother as a go to person for every small and big thing in life. How her mother has made her a very hard working person. Books on audio and print has widen her horizons and vocabulary #audiable, #kindle, #obama, #michelleobama, #wsj, #ebernsteinwsj

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