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How a Student Found Confidence and Creativity in High School

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hi angela how are you today oh wow i'm doing well thank you yes i'm so glad we're talking today uh tell me a little bit about your high school and something that you were really proud about some achievement or something you know what that they've done that you're happy with so definitely like for me high school wasn't um i feel like a lot of people felt like high school was a really bad time but i guess in my opinion high school was when i kind of found myself in the way that i kind of came out of my shell and became more than just like you know the stereotypical shy kid at the back of the classroom and i feel like a lot of that was attributed to my participation in mock trial in high school um and you know like i came in and i was this very like introverted head down kind of kid but i had always had a fascination with like presenting and public speaking yeah and one of my friends um her brother had been in mock trial and so she invited me to go Mock Trialsee like around yeah and i watched these people it was in an actual courtroom and there was an actual judge and it was so cool the way that they like presented themselves and the way that they could project so much in this courtroom um and so you know i joined them my freshman year of high school and then i i stuck with it all four years i began as a witness i became an attorney i became um captain of my team and all the while it was sort of just like finding out that you know i was i was more than just being at the back of the classroom i loved sharing ideas in front of people i loved like having an argument and being able to you know support it with facts and other evidence um and i love the connections that we could make through just like presenting in front of people Confidencethat's fantastic i mean some people you know gain so much out of these little experiences and become confident and like you said right you could just it can help you come out of your shell so tell me now um is there anything that you know you're really passionate about you know your mock trial who said but is there anything else like i know a little bit that you do but you tell tell you talk about art all the time whenever we talk so tell me a little bit about that absolutely so um i after mock trial like of course i became much more comfortable public speaking Artbut i'm still a very kind of like on my own time i really enjoy the the quieter activities like art um i was always the art kid from like elementary school to like high school to even college it's kind of just like um when i was little my my mom would sit me at the kitchen table and teach me how to draw like these these potato people basically like you know the ones where it's just a circle for a body but i i loved it i love the idea of being able to create my own worlds basically um and it was it was really nice just being able to use art like even now Childhood magicto kind of hang on to some of that childhood magic like you know kids can they can play pretend for hours on end um i you know i really envy that that time in our lives when like everything was just so creative and magical and i feel like i try to preserve that almost in my art wow and i know you're taking an art course too right in the semester um i'm taking a a creativity workshop thing that involves a little art i am planning to take more art courses in the future though fantastic talking about your future uh where do you see your career going and you know what do you want to do in the long run oh boy i so i've gotten more comfortable with the idea that Future plansi don't really have to know right now i think that gave me a lot of stress before but um i do have like a vague idea but i'm still totally open to kind of exploration and learning more about myself yeah and then changing plans accordingly but um i'm a business major right now i'm thinking of adding another major but i i think i just i want to do something that has value for me in the sense that like i think my definition of success involves a lot of like how can i positively benefit other people um and so right now i'm kind of looking into careers that do have that value like either directly or indirectly like i've been looking into uh consulting actually um because that involves like a lot of my passions for problem solving like analytical thinking organization and like above all just being able to make that positive impact on people and businesses um but yeah it's always been for me like there's just so much there's so many options it's like how how do i choose one but i think as i'm going through schooling and learning about what i love and like some things that i i don't really like um it's getting easier for me to say that like even though i don't know 100 now that's okay i'm like i'm only here i'm not an adult yet um and i i have more confidence that i'll find like that thing eventually even if i don't stick with it like i i have a hope i have a feeling that i'll find the the right thing for the right moment that's fantastic and i think we really appreciate what you're doing and for your parents i'm so proud of you thank you so much angela for your time oh thank you

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