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Introverts’ dilemma with making a good group of friends.

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hey karen how are you i'm pretty good how are you i'm great i love that you have a glasses thing yeah horizontal and vertical yep i think for glasses oh you do yeah so we were just talking a little while ago that you know you live in this environment in this country where we all are seeking social relationships but sometimes it gets really hard and you share you know why is it why has it been hard for you i guess it's hard for me uh when people move around you know i have moved around quite a bit i was born in india around the age of 13 i came to us it was a big change for me at the time because i lived in a village in india and i came to cupertino a bay area in u.s massive change uh and when i say massive change i have not i had not seen internet before coming to us oh wow so i did not know what internet was so it was not only social but even like yeah technology it was a it was a massive change of how world moved i did not know how it worked i just sort of observed and i and personally i was a shy kid quiet kid they're very introverted and i'm the only child in the family the only son and only child so my conservative indian family is like very overprotective of me so i was a very innocent guy at that time so um you know when i came to us i spent five years here they went by high school went by around 2018 we decided to go back to india because my dad had a business there and it was also cheaper to do education there than in us and i was like i hadn't decided what what i wanted to do so i agreed to it i got into a good college and in india and i did my degree and i worked one year there and uh around the age of 23 in 2019 i came back to us so everything and that's when the lockdown happened you know and so all of this time my social circle structure was pretty rough i mean uh the few friends i had in india until the age of 13 moved on yeah in five years i was in us and when i went to cal when i went back to india in 2014 for my degree people here moved on because you know they moved on with their lives uh with the degree and everything and when i came back people in india moved on so basically i've since i haven't been uh stable for a very long at one place uh people around me moved on and i sort of was left around with the idea that i don't have any specific group i think what you're saying karen is so important yeah all of us struggle with finding the right groups of people and even when we found them right how do you keep them like that's what happened with you right yeah the that's uh that's something that's that's pretty hard like i i do have some right now a few groups of people but then you also i've also noticed that there are a lot of introverted people that just don't want to go outside they want to live alone inside um but the only way you can keep a group of people around you is by constantly approaching by constantly approaching people and then coming out of your shell essentially that's the only way to keep a group of people around yeah i'm so glad you you know come on come out of your comfort zone and you came to this event yeah that is just amazing and i'm so glad that you know i think being lonely is such a common problem right in a crowded world yeah it's true it's a because we have a lot more you know we have a lot of our retention given to our technology and social media and movies video games and all that it's hard to talk to other people especially when you know um this is the hard part is to have a common interest not everybody goes to sports events not everybody likes the idea of of basically going to bars and clubs everybody does that but you have to find something in common some people like going hiking going to strolls nature some people like traveling so they talk about that but uh it's important to step outdoors and talk to people around you could be anything thank you so much [Music]

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In this YouTube video <https://youtu.be/Oc0suB3SESk>, Dr. Seema Sehgal, a practicing psychiatrist with over 25 years of experience, is interviewed on the Rcoz platform about social anxiety. She explains that social anxiety is a specific disorder where people's anxiety escalates during everyday interactions, causing severe embarrassment and self-consciousness. This disorder can impact relationships, work performance, and lead to isolation and substance use. The age group most likely to experience it is between 13 and 23 years old. Dr. Sehgal also discusses when it is appropriate to seek professional help for social anxiety and the symptoms that indicate the need for treatment. #socialanxiety #mentalhealth #psychiatry #anxietydisorders #functioning #treatmentoptions


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