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Living Life to the Fullest-Staying true to a goal through quarantine & experiencing new perspectives

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hello raghav it's so nice to see you um and meet you hi nice to meet you as well so i'd like to ask you how are you pursuing as you told me like one of your missions in life is to experience it to its fullest um i really want to know how are you doing that even during covid during quarantine and yeah that is my um you know i think my last mission has always just been to experience it to its fullest i think that just leads to having uh like like the most uh experiences and ultimately the most happiness um and and so obviously quarantine has uh made it much harder to to you know actually experience many things because lots of the world has been closed down um and and things along those lines um so i think one thing that that really made me realize is that um you know those experiences uh like like the places and all those are important for those experiences and quarantine has definitely you know made it harder to experience as you know earlier it would be like like i would think like on a friday night just like going to like like a bar and just like like like having a good time meeting lots of new people uh you know doing many going to different places afterwards and doing lots of activities afterwards uh like that's what i would traditionally think of like living life to its fullest like now it's more you know just meeting people like with chance encounters or you know it's hard to meet new people so so just building your your existing relationships with you know your friends or people you already know um like like by just you know hanging out in a park and in austin we had like uh you know zoker park which is like a park that basically transformed during quarantine like um so so kind of the zoka park almost became like the new bar district people just kind of brought their like you know drinks or whatever their frisbees and um experienced it there so even though the world's closing down during quarantine you know there's always going to be people and there's always going to be ways to interact with them um and yeah one one other way has obviously been online which i didn't really touch upon but um i think that also was a pivotal part to me uh living my life to its fullest strength yeah and it's awesome that you've still been able to kind of retain those parts interpersonal relationships um during this online or really quarantined experience uh i know that you're still working so how do you think your career goals and current career help you also you know have that full experience in life you know during quarantine what's interesting is i also had like a pretty big career change um the the way you apply living life to its fullest to um your career is to i think pursue um like like as ambitious of a mission as possible and um and contribute to it as as much as you can so um so yeah that's always been kind of my ultimate long long term goal and and um you know so it's always to kind of push as ambitious of a goal as i'm pursuing and be more involved have more ownership and equity within that goal so uh like the previous the company i worked at at the start of quarantine uh was um you know company that had a mission that i wasn't super passionate about and i don't think was a super impactful mission in the grand scheme of the world i mean you know as much less impactful um than the new company i joined so tesla had reached out to me in during quarantine and um and i wanted to um definitely pursue that um because tesla's mission is to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy so um like i think that's a very uh a mission that very very much resonates with me and is very impactful and also like those metrics that i was talking about like the market values that mission much more as well um so so all of those factors kind of motivated me to make that career change so yeah that's kind of how i think i have that mentality in my career yeah and it's great to hear that you've been able to hang on to that and do what sounds like amazing things during quarantine uh and i know that you said that you've kind of lived in different areas how do you think the different mentalities of people around you have shaped you maybe either led to your career or just shaped you as a person in general yeah yeah um grew up in the bay area um and was asking for like eight years to just to paint some context uh in my high school i went to mission san jose high school and uh we call this the mission mentality which is basically um like like a a singular focus on academics that being your entire self-worth um and that kind of defining the entire rest of your life like basically basically the ecology you got into defining the rest of your life was it was definitely a mentality i believed in and i think lots of my peers did as well that mentality i think was uh you know very uh hard to deal with as a kid um and and i saw lots of kids in in our high schools um kind of also just looking at the numbers like like we had you know people in mission that like took their own lives because the pressure and and you know lots of other uh bavaria high schools i've you know we we saw stories of you know the same sort of things happening um so so yeah overall it seems like even long term now like like the friends i have from that school are very like like different in terms of that academic focus i think made them like like have a kind of a philosophy of only caring about that in life and and that kind of making them not really pursue you know as many like social connections or relationships and then that ties into like the awesome mentality the town itself is a very social town lots of places to go out and meet people and so that's a big emphasis in in master austin people's lives i did to talk about lots of the downsides of the initial like bay area mission mentality but i think it did definitely give me like the ability to like uh you know work and focus like um i i think uh the the benefit of the awesome mentality in terms of just being more social and and well-rounded and pursuing those experiences um is is a different aspect of my personality and i think if i had to choose one like like i would definitely choose that ladder more like well-rounded mentality awesome well thank you so much for talking about your experience i feel like that provides not only good lessons for people in high school and college but for people you know aiming to stay true to their long-term goals in quarantine so thank you so much yeah of course and yeah thank you so much for interviewing me angela thank you

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His goal to live life to the fullest has stayed constant over ever-changing times and even these current, difficult moments of COVID-19. He speaks of how he still finds vibrant experiences in quarantine, how his career has emphasized his mission, and the lessons he's learned after witnessing different mentalities in school. #quarantine, #high school, #high-tech, #goals, #friends, #fun, #relationships #youth

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