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Midway in Life: What I am proud of and a few regrets

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i get anjali good to see you in your portland backyard looks lovely so i hope it's not a wall this thing i guess it's real trees in the background looks so nice yes it is so tell me you know we are somewhere midway in our life right now i'm sure that things that you know that that you hold true to being who you are and something that you're really happy when you see things happening around you like what is it a few things that you can share that have made you happy and proud of who you are today um not proud about too many things but something i've i've reflected on this is that i've i feel good about myself is that of have tried to stand true to my convictions stand true to my value system the values that my parents taught me the values that i've learned from the society [Music] i've always wanted to be to treat people with fairness and to if i see some sort of injustice happening in front of me um without being too aggressive i like i don't hesitate in speaking my mind out or supporting or speaking for the underdog let's say that um i want my kids to be like that and i've always taught them to um be true and to true to themselves and be honest about what they believe in they should um try to teach them those values taught them a lot of the indian values that i grew up with but i don't want don't impose it on them i want them to also integrate into the society that they were born into so and just treat people with respect and in a just manner yeah and you've done a fantastic job of you know raising two really well and successful boys so you should give yourself a pat at the back okay after the patting let's talk about some of the things that you know you wish you could have done differently or you know you think it's a regret in your life or something that you know not been the best i would say um again during these pandemic times you know you do to think a lot about and reflect again on your the regrets and there are a lot of regrets i have but i wish that's one big regret now is number one and on my list is that i wish i had spent more time with my parents i wish i know i've been far away the past 20 25 years since i got married but i wish i had made more of an effort to go to india often spend time with them and not just now when they're getting old and sick um i hope i can change that i'm working on it and i hope i can really spend more time with them in the future i want to be around for them and focus uh on them um the next decade or so and of course another regret is that i wish i had focused again uh on my career um more than what i have i came here did my masters got a degree non-profit management but i was so busy bringing up the kids and um just really put my work and my career on a back burner i wish i had the determination and the willpower to do both in a balanced way and a lot of people are doing that a lot of our friends are doing that and so one uh it's not too late 52 midway through life hopefully hope i can change that in the near future yeah there's always hope at the end of the tunnel right first thing is acknowledging it second thing is figuring out how to go about it so i guess first is done now just go forward and figure out the next step yeah with you with you as a friend what is impossible hopefully you can steer me in the right direction yeah yeah well great thanks so much bye thank you rupali bye

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