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Single Parenting: a writer shares what she got right #single parenting, #happy home #son #project me

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hi anjum how are you today hi rupali i'm good thank you for calling sure so you know i am just fascinated by your life journey we talked a little bit about it uh tell me a little bit you know about your career choices about your education and you know what has what have you been up to so um ripali i was always very keen to Background uh i was fond of writing and i've always had a passion for the creative arts and especially writing and poetry so i trained in journalism i'm a trained journalist and this was when i when i finished my training as a journalist i i realized that it's very difficult to survive in a big city on a journalist salary and i decided to call you know trade myself further and i did my my mba my business management and then i worked in the corporate sector for a fairly long time yeah in in marketing in communications and advertising yeah and and the last few years in um in an area of in a not-for-profit in corporate social responsibility so that's what i've done fantastic so tell me um i heard that you have a son and let's talk about a little bit about your parenting style so how has journey been it has been the most fulfilling journey of my life the most joy-giving and most fulfilling uh i guess i have a 19 year old son and i have been a single parent for the last 10 years since he was nine years old uh it was uh i started out when we we were you know i had a full-time job for um at that time and sort of juggling the various facets of life together um was not easy but in my mind i was quite sure that you know we were coming out of a bit of a dark phase so i wanted to create this happy sunlit fun uh space for me and my son i thought we both deserved it and um which which like i keep i when i think deeply i think the one thing i got really right touchwood um was uh was parenting single parenting and so what a great story you know your Single parenting son is going to cherish this actually picked into one of his essays in school and he did write this and he said my mom got this right wow so i was that's that's my greatest reward um i didn't want us to get down i wanted us to you know to feel upbeat about things in spite of all this all the struggles that we were going through you know whether emotional or legal or social it's not easy being a single parent with a young child uh in in a society like ours uh but i thought we must be upbeat we must create a happy space we you know so i made sure um uh i took him for holidays we went trekking we went seeing uh you know old historical sites which has led to a great love of history in him uh we went to beaches uh in the beginning it was it was tough because you know going alone for these holidays was not easy or going around for any trips or even managing a house or driving on a highway uh but slowly we got our groove right and we we had great fun so this is awesome i think so many people Project me will be able to relate to this right yeah yeah that's really awesome so what's the next thing in the horizon what is oh i i think rupali the last two decades as i tell my son have been project son and i really want the next two decades to be project me so i want to yeah i want to work on the stuff that i haven't had time to work on your life's come full circle i want to go back to the time when i started out as you know wanting to be a journalist a writer so i want to get back to my to my writing journey uh you know uh as as many writers i have a a book or hopefully several books bubbling inside yeah i i also enjoyed the last leg of my corporate journey which was around um you know social responsibility i want to do a bit of that so really the next 20 years hopefully will be project fantastic and i think you're starting your non-profit journey with our cause dot u s so that's great couldn't be couldn't thank you

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