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this meeting is being recorded hi vikas how are you thank you for taking the time to talk to us today how are things things are great rupali thank you for having me How RCOZ overcame cancer you know we connected a few months ago about you being diagnosed with cancer and that was during the covert times so i know a lot of things have happened since then uh do you want to just talk about what happened and you know how did you overcome uh what was your process that you followed right so during march of 2021 i got diagnosed with preparatory thyroid cancer and as you can expect it it felt like oh my god what happened yeah but as i processed some of this information it was the prognosis was very good uh this the setback was there so one the process that i followed was i really felt that i need to share this with a lot of my family and friends and create a community support that can help me navigate through this tough times yeah and so the process became talking to a lot of people with multiple purposes a the energy that i was getting from others really helped me sail through this difficult time yeah second i was looking for best of the medical experts and some of these conversations uh led me to that and third the fear of unknown there was this fear of unknown what will happen what was the process and by talking to a lot of people it became clear it's not really a big deal a lot of people get Coping mechanisms but i mean just hearing the word cancer would scare somebody right instead of like turning inward it almost seemed that you turned out words right like you were i mean i would say that i would probably like just not talk about it for a few days but how you were saying that you shared it with a lot of people yeah i think everybody is different right the coping mechanisms are different and one of my coping mechanisms was to talk to people yeah and and that's that help i got from community about different ideas and uh was tremendous and as you mentioned cancer world is big yeah but there are different types of cancer so thyroid cancer for example you you use dr google yeah and you will realize that the prognosis are pretty good Community support yeah yeah so so basically you're saying that even though it was scary but your uh you got the help from the community just by talking about it more absolutely committee my family played a huge role in making sure that i don't get a word uh over fearful of the fact that this is going to happen surgery is coming yeah so so the first action was not to focus on the thing the first action was now what's the next step yeah how will we deal with it and what's the what's the plan being a uh being a little bit of a program management kind of a style i took it in a program management style of how to tackle it yeah Mental health so i mean now you're smiling but i'm sure that time your mental health was suffering a lot right yeah it it did suffer and what happened uh after surgery i lost my voice for a couple of months so that time it was a bigger issue about uncertainty yeah my job really involved talking to a lot of people and what will happen yeah and mental health suffered quite a bit uh my family my mom my wife supported a lot during that time but i really went for therapy at that time i started to take three therapy or uh not voice therapy mental health uh the the voice therapy as well as mental therapy so i started doing medic meditation more i talked to some doctors about it psychiatrist and said what should i do in these situations yeah Losing his voice so really like basically what you're saying is even though it was a cancer of the thyroid but and that you found help because it was all medically related but the thing that happened after that the losing of the voice and that mattered to your lord because of your job and just as a person who can't talk that's effective more it affected me more and if you ask my friends i'm very socially active i'm an extrovert i'll pick up porn and talk to people yeah and i felt that this would change all of my life yeah and that was a very dreadful thing to think about yeah but by all the help and everything the therapy that happened i one fine day suddenly the voice came back oh just like that just like that and that was the best blessing of all everything that happened Getting his voice back so after that how once you got your voice back uh you know we talked a little bit about like seeking mental health um you know uh through therapy so all that was done then by then of course no i don't know i continued on my journey with therapies right so voice was back so voice therapy is done but overall therapy and let's therapy is not a big thing therapy is really about having somebody who's analyzing what are your trigger points about stress what are your trigger points about anger yeah i think therapy is a very very powerful thing which can lead to very good outcomes yeah so you wish you had done this therapy before i certainly think so i certainly think that as we as the corporate world is going fast yeah you tend to think about things that are not very meaningful yeah and uh when you analyze these emotions or thoughts during your therapy sessions you clearly see some of it is not beneficial to you so it's almost like your voice or your thoughts are equaling back during therapy sessions so i highly encourage everybody uh in when they are in stressful situations yeah to use this as a tool to cope up with it yeah true true Outro now thank you so much vikas for sharing your journey um i know uh we met her with herodectomy issues also and i i also told you that the voice my ma i'd lost my voice also for a whole year and it was stressful because you know nobody would understand what i'm talking and it's you know people just say it's just voice what's the big deal it could be worse but when you're going through that that that is the biggest thing for you correct it is it feels like this is the most important thing in the world because this is the mechanism through which you communicate your emotions yeah your needs right and when it is not there it becomes the most important stuff in your life yeah great thank you so much for sharing your journey today thank you thank you i really thank you for all the help during my journey you are one of the support mechanisms that i use to gather information yeah how this we will look like when will my voice come back yeah you're living a little bit together yeah i think we all need to lean on each other for those times thanks because for your time today thank you

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Vikas, a storyteller on was diagnosed with thyroid cancer in March 2021 during the COVID pandemic. He was worried for his life however he overcame it when learning from his doctor that the prognosis was good. The process he followed to feel supported was the need to share this information with his family and friends. Sharing his story with them gave him the energy to navigate through the tough times he was experiencing. Talking to and with the support of friends and family resulted in Vikas casting a wider net in the sea of knowledge, support and mental health. After viewing Vikas’s story video his friends and family immediately took to sending him well wishes. “Your positivity was contagious- it gave us strength during those months” says one person. Another person says “ This message is from your heart and will truly help others” . To have those close to you vouch for you helps to take weight off your shoulders. “Lean on me when you’re not strong. I’ll be your friend. I’ll help you carry on.” Is a song that exemplifies Vikas’s story.  
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