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The pursuit of purpose and passion. Why I chose self-growth over wealth

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hey elaine how are you today i'm doing good thank you i was just talking to you briefly before we started this and i loved the conversation we were having so you change your career and a really high paying career in your 40s what made you why did you do that and you know how do you feel about it what are the changes that you've gone through let's hear a little bit about how everybody around you perceives you sure um well i changed my career five six years ago and before that i was in the corporate world probably for 18 years and this 18 years of corporal role um i feel like i'm um i don't know i don't know about what i'm pursuing right i feel like i'm always working i'm always um you know go after the big paycheck and that is what everybody did i and my i realized i become a very cynical person you know i don't really care about my co-workers you know all i care is get my job done and then you know did i get my promotion did i get my paycheck did i get my you know a raise that is basically what i am looking for what is my dream i don't know um what do i want to achieve i don't know i just want to get the job done and for 18 years in the corporate i realized i am not becoming a better person that is one thing but what can i do i am after that speak paycheck right and then after that i realized you know what for a long for a long time i become the person that i really don't yourself like because i'm becoming like a person who are um who is like more political because that is the surviving skills you have to have that and you don't really care about the person sitting right next to you i don't even talk to the person who sits right next to my cubicle and i'm hitting this glass ceilings and i don't know i'm not happy and i'm looking for something i'm looking for something and i don't know what i'm looking for but i just know that i want to get out of here i wanted to get out of here so my friend my friend who was the longest friends of my life since high school friends one day brought me into an opportunity and i say you know what maybe i can do something on the side you know maybe i wanted to look for what i wanted to do maybe i can achieve something i want to you know achieve so i quit my job and i started to do this um my you know self-employee started with a small business and um that is when everything starts to change okay not only my life but also the most frustrating part is that my family their attitude towards me because when i was working in a corporate right big paycheck you know a very steady life monday to friday saturday and sunday you spend time with them and you have a big label of all xyz corporation right and when i said okay i wanted to leave the job my my family don't understand my own families my brothers my cousins who had we grew up together we talk about everything and all of a sudden they become so silent they're not saying no don't do it but they're not encouraging me to do it i know in the back of their head they would think they were thinking oh you know big sis knows what she's doing and she's gonna quit so she'll go back to where she was before and for that for that thing it hurts me really bad for that thing it hurts really me really really bad still now my my kid you know my kid my 17 year old kid tells me mom i still don't understand why do you quit your job why do you quit your job and do things financially it's not compatible with what you made before but you know what in this past five six years of my journey i actually have a different view of life a different view of career you know in our society especially my 17 years old what how he value a person is basically you know from what he said paycheck name of the school this is like my brand right why why why you know only these two things there's so much more than your paycheck and the which school that you go to to define me so i want to be a bigger person than just these two things but if you look at the little kids you know the generation z gen z they all look at the person oh this person is very successful because he makes a lot of money because he lives in a big house because he drives a whatever you know a tesla or whatever this is how people in our new generation is evaluating a person right and why is this happening why is this happening it is the corporate it is the culprit it is also the school system it's also the school system so you know in the past five six years i actually struggling to jump out of that because in my mind this idea of the money i make the brand in my school the uh the company that i work for represents me represent elaine tron but not anymore but it took me a long time to jump out of it and still i mean the status that my family don't understand only i know what i want but however however i know with my passion and what i have been through i want to slowly just let them know i hope that someday they will also understand because they know everybody of 80 90 of the people are trapped in that and that's how you define yourself how you define yourself is money right and school mostly right and then the culprit in this company that you work for you just need to make yourself a priority and make yourself happy yeah but how do you do that it is something that you're going to have to sometime you got to sit and really think about it now everybody is so overwhelmed with work and job on weekends because all the stress we have we just wanted to relax and what do we relax at we relax at someone's backyard and we what do we talk about stocks we talk about what gossip right and our boss the most popular topic is our boss how stupid it is or you know our neighbors and gossip but of our friends usually the rich friends you know so what exactly what we're looking for in life is not only these i know i'm still searching but i'm really happy i made the decision it was so tough so painful so painful especially the parts that your family how they look at you right but however i grow stronger inside that i know how to handle these things i'm continuing to searching for the true meaning of life right and that is the mostly the most important things it's not just financially or materially i totally relate to it and i think a lot of people who go and listen to it yeah are going to be in this board we all are struggling to find our happiness correct right yes and when we find that that will be a life well spent and then you will sometimes it is just around you and you don't notice yeah yeah i have two little ones two little ones they're twins they're four years old every day i looked at them they're happy i don't know they're very noisy but you know they're happy they're healthy and then you know that makes me feel so grateful yeah i've seen people with loads of money but they have these things that they cannot really enjoy life they have kids or parents they don't have a good relationship with or they have special need needs they have to have extra extra care so i'm like i'm a very successful person not because i make a loads of money not because i go to good school not because but i not because of the company i work for it is that i make my family also happy and i'm a grateful person and how do i give back to the society is probably the next thing i wanted to think thank you so much for your time thank you

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Listen to this person's decision of choosing self-growth over wealth. #selfgrowth #purpose

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