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A fathers mental health diagnosis and how it affects his family.

Kirt’s father was diagnosed with schizophrenia before he and his twin brother were
born. His mother delivered both of them about two months early because his father tried
to hurt her when she was pregnant. He hoped that she would have to deliver and give
him some money. There was a scare that his mother would not be able to give birth and
both her and her twins would not be able to survive.

Kirt’s father had many medications that he was prescribed for his mental health illness.
Sometimes his father would take his medications but when he refused to take them his
condition worsened and this became apparent when Kirt was a teenager. Because of
the way he was raised, Kirt experiences his own mental health challenges. He and his
wife are now attending therapy to manage that.

Mental health challenges are difficult for families. On one hand you love this person but
on the other hand you do not know what the next challenge will be to overcome or
accept the one you love will react or behave in a certain way. It takes caring and loving
family and friends to stand with those that have mental health challenges. Not everyone
is cut out for helping those that have mental challenges. That is why professionals like
psychiatrists and psychologists are there.

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