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A math teacher’s new passion of GARDENING

He was a swimming teacher who went back to school to become a math teacher. He had been
a math teacher for 18 years. Now he finds himself in gardening and teaching about gardening.
His mother and grandmother enjoyed gardening so he got into it with them. He likens teaching
about gardening as church and a way to restore himself. He enjoys learning about the different
plant names. Some being funny and some interesting.
How he went from swimming to math to gardening is a path that he took based on influencers
and experience. One trailblazer their own path based on what they like and how they feel. The
feeling of being restored by gardening is something big. Just how gardening fills in for the
feeling of restoration by attending church, RCOZ.us fills in for those looking for relatable stories
that uplift their soul.

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