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An accident that leads to stardom?

Yes. That’s correct! She, Rajnigandha Shekhawat, a Rajastani woman, was accidently heard singing by her 8th grade music teacher. While her music teacher encouraged her to continue with singing her parents had no idea what she had dabbled into.

Wanting to open a different avenue in the music scene Rajnigandha took to YouTube. She found a song she liked on YouTube and noticed there were different language versions and said to herself lets make a Rajastani version. This low budget recorded song once uploaded to YouTube got a lot of hits to the likes of 1 million hits in 10 days. Seeing a Rajastani song with so much popularity is rare in mainstream Indian music. She unknowingly started a fashion trend.

It’s stories like this that tug at your heartstrings. Coming from adversity and succeeding in something you have put your heart into is triumphant. Further, sharing your story can have a positive impact on many people in many ways. It takes just a few people to watch the video and talk about it within their
networks to positively impact it’s popularity. I didn’t know anything about Rajnigandha Shekhawat before I was asked to write a blog about her. Now I am inspired by her story. If I’m sharing this feeling with others in my network I not only initiate an introduction to the video but I open the door to new unknown networks.

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