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Difficult conversations: Explaining Cancer to a Loved One with Autism

In this video, the speaker emphasizes the importance of trusting one’s instincts when supporting someone with mental health struggles. They explain the need to establish a sense of normalcy and engage in conversations that address both the differences and similarities in their situation. The goal is to help the individual understand that everything will be okay. The speaker also highlights the challenge of communicating with someone who lacks awareness of their surroundings and struggles to express their emotions. This differs from speaking with children, where one might simply explain their illness. Instead, the focus is on understanding and supporting the person as an individual. This conversation is presented by Rcoz, a mental health organization.

This booklet is about talking to children and teenagers when an adult has cancer. It is for
parents with cancer, but it can also be used by other adults, such as partners, grandparents
and family members.
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