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Driven to giving voice to those unheard through web design at Rcoz

Portrait of Yicheng

Yicheng, a web designer, joined Rcoz in 2023 with a burning desire to give voice to those who have endured mental trauma. In her various experiences and encounters, a lot of people could not articulate what they were going through and so put forth a brave positive front while suffering silently. In Rcoz, she discovered a platform that champions mental health awareness through storytelling, striving to destigmatize it and promote normalization in the process.

She’s the creative force behind the captivating graphics and the stellar Rcoz website we see today. Some goals she hopes to achieve are to improve user experience and to create an online presence where story-sharing and content are easy to find. Enhancing the website will foster greater mental health awareness and encourage regular visits to for proactive mental well-being. Organizing in-person Rcoz events stands out as a memorable experience for her.

Yicheng recognizes Rcoz as providing a great platform for raising awareness surrounding mental health and enjoys the time she contributes to help achieve this goal by promoting the Rcoz website and message in whichever way she can. 

Her unwavering commitment to raising awareness for mental health is incredibly significant, especially as we commemorate Mental Health Awareness Month in May. Join Rcoz this month by sharing your own story and inspiring others to share theirs! More info: