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How I dealt with and overcame the news of my son’s lifelong health condition.

My son was born with a condition that his doctors could not identify. The doctors told me that there was
something wrong with my son but they were not able to pinpoint what exactly it was. They did,
however, tell us that this condition was going to affect him his whole life. He wasn’t able to feed like
other children his age. Our world just shook. We didn’t know how to process this information about our
son. My husband and I brought together a group of researchers that we could communicate with the
see if they were about to tell us anything about our son’s condition. We found ourselves stressing out
but turned stress into action. Since the birth of my son we have been more involved in our community.
We volunteer at different places in hopes that the goodwill is given back to us.

Preparing for the arrival of a child can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. However, finding
out that the child is not normal and there is no treatment for him can be devastating. One relies on the
expertise of the pediatrician to identify the condition but when even they were stumped the feeling can
be paralyzing. Turning ones feeling into actions helps one overcome. Sharing stories is uplifting for them
and for those that can relate to them. Rcoz.us is a platform that encourages sharing of short stories to
provide an impact on those that share and those that view stories.

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